Red Eye – Tara’s Hardcore Spike Pipe

$26.99 Details Tara’s hardcore spike pipe from Red Eye Glass has some very unique features and styling. This glass pipe is comprised of fumed and colored glass. The bulbous mouthpiece forms smoothly into the main bowl where the carb hole remains apparent, however the focal points of the piece are around the main bowl. The … Continue reading Red Eye – Tara’s Hardcore Spike Pipe

Striped Glass Spoon Pipe

$24.99   Striped Glass Spoon Pipe  The Striped Glass Spoon Pipes are a very special addition to our glass pipe selection. The hand-blowing process of these glass pipes has produced delicate designs which can vary slightly, along with the shades and color of the patterns, resulting in each pipe bearing its own unique markings. Beautiful … Continue reading Striped Glass Spoon Pipe

Red Eye – Inside Out Black Rainbow Glass Hand Pipe

$33.99 Here is the very stylish and sleek inside out black rainbow glass pipe. The combination of these luminous and bright colored lines set upon the black glass provides a brilliant contrast and a very classy look. There is a carb hole on the left side of the bowl as well as a flat surface … Continue reading Red Eye – Inside Out Black Rainbow Glass Hand Pipe

PypTek – Prometheus Nano

$48.99 PypTek - Prometheus Nano The Prometheus Nano from Pyptek is a sleek, portable one hit pipe made from premium quality components at the Pyptek HQ in Denver, Colorado. The Prometheus Nano is constructed from a tough, borosilicate glass core which ensures natural flavor, untainted by metal or wood.  The glass tube inside is encased … Continue reading PypTek – Prometheus Nano

Middleman Spoon Pipe | Red Eye Glass

$24.99 The middleman pipe with a built in screen is a very functional handpipe with some intricate design work. The very ornate bowl has 6 clear glass beads (three on each side) with a carb hole on the front of the pipe. Inside the bowl there are three holes around the side which act as … Continue reading Middleman Spoon Pipe | Red Eye Glass

Black Rasta Glass Spoon | G-Spot

$30.99   Black Rasta Glass Spoon This Black Rasta Glass Spoon really is a lovely piece of artisan craftsmanship. The Rasta colors really pop off the stunning obsidian borosilicate. This is a conversation piece, and please remember to tell your fellow toker, that you bought this piece form online. We know you will be asked. … Continue reading Black Rasta Glass Spoon | G-Spot

Spoon with Ash Catcher | Grav Labs

$18.99 Grav Labs - Spoon with Ash Catcher  Here we have Grav Labs impressive new line of glass spoon pipes. These borosilicate pipes truly show that the glassblowing team's skills are extremely versatile when coming to creativity and craft. Highly durable and well-crafted, this glass pipe comes in the fan-favorite spoon design and includes a … Continue reading Spoon with Ash Catcher | Grav Labs

Blue Stripe Glass Spoon | G-Spot

$33.99   Blue Stripe Glass Spoon A stripped back finish with a plain white coating proudly holding a thin blue stripe across the side, this adds simplicity and artistic value to your ordinary spoon pipe! A durable piece of work which will stand the test of time and even the most experienced of users, this … Continue reading Blue Stripe Glass Spoon | G-Spot

Albino Rasta Glass Spoon | G-Spot

$30.99   Albino Rasta Glass Spoon This really is the opposite twin tot he balck rasta. With a milky white boroscilictae used for this piece then a ruibbon of rasta colors run down through the middle the Albino Rasta is sure to draw attention everywhere it comes out. Premium glass is used throughout and the … Continue reading Albino Rasta Glass Spoon | G-Spot