Peacock Glass Bubbler by Inferno

$32.99   Peacock Glass Bubbler by Inferno This elaborately decorated glass bubbler by Inferno is part of the new hand blown range. Standing approximately 18cm tall, this bubbler is made from high quality borosilicate glass, entwined with fine rods of blue and white glass for a stunning effect. The ample base allows for a good … Continue reading Peacock Glass Bubbler by Inferno

Showerhead Diffuser Bubbler with Swing Banger | EDIT Collection

$49.99   This portable clear glass showerhead diffuser bubbler from the EDIT Collection is available in a variety of colored accents. This sturdy glass dab rig comes equipped with an effective showerhead diffuser, sidecar mouthpiece, and quartz swing banger.   Showerhead Perc Quartz Swing banger (No nail needed) Sidecar Mouthpiece Choice of Clear, Black or … Continue reading Showerhead Diffuser Bubbler with Swing Banger | EDIT Collection

Middleman Spoon Pipe | Red Eye Glass

$24.99 The middleman pipe with a built in screen is a very functional handpipe with some intricate design work. The very ornate bowl has 6 clear glass beads (three on each side) with a carb hole on the front of the pipe. Inside the bowl there are three holes around the side which act as … Continue reading Middleman Spoon Pipe | Red Eye Glass

Spoon with Ash Catcher | Grav Labs

$18.99 Grav Labs - Spoon with Ash Catcher  Here we have Grav Labs impressive new line of glass spoon pipes. These borosilicate pipes truly show that the glassblowing team's skills are extremely versatile when coming to creativity and craft. Highly durable and well-crafted, this glass pipe comes in the fan-favorite spoon design and includes a … Continue reading Spoon with Ash Catcher | Grav Labs

Blue Stripe Glass Spoon | G-Spot

$33.99   Blue Stripe Glass Spoon A stripped back finish with a plain white coating proudly holding a thin blue stripe across the side, this adds simplicity and artistic value to your ordinary spoon pipe! A durable piece of work which will stand the test of time and even the most experienced of users, this … Continue reading Blue Stripe Glass Spoon | G-Spot