Sherlock Pipe Types – 23 Great Sherlock Glass Pipes and They’re Names

Colored glass spoon pipe - Heady

Did you know there were so many types of Sherlock pipes? And this is an incomplete list!

Traditionally you may know Sherlock Holms as smoking the Calabash version of these pipes. This was true for film but not the original written stories.

Below you’ll find twenty-three types of Sherlock pipe. These pipes don’t usually come in glass but if you find a glass artist who will do custom work he can model your glass pipe more closely to the pipe of choice.

Sherlock by Type

Author – This pipe is a little thicker, not too long, about 3 to 5 inches with a small bend and a medium size bowl.

Apple – The apple pipe is a bit slimmer as well as longer and a slightly smaller bowl than the Author pipe.

Acorn – This pipe has a few more bends to it as well more of an acorn shaped bowl.

Billiard – The Billiard pipe is more straight forward with a nice 90 degree angled bowl.

Blowfish – This one, as the name reflects has larger area pieces and a considerably inflated round and bulbous bowl which will hold a large amount of smoking material.

Brandy – This is a nice fat and sometimes flatten bottom bowl pipe which fits well in the hand and will stand up on it’s own. Nice pipe for smoking bars.

Bulldog – The Bulldog supports an ample bowl area with an enlarged stem area and with some made for double drawback systems.

Calabash – This is the type of pipe that most people think of when thinking about Mr.
Sherlock Holms with a long descending curved dipped bowl it helps to cool smoke that travels around two bends and up a longer stem.

Canadian – This pipe has a bit of a longer stem than the Billiard and not quite a 90-degree turn at the bowl.

Cavalier – The Cavalier pipe is characterized by an extended base past the bowl bend
which can act as a drop chamber for resin or debris build-up.

Cherrywood – The Cherrywood is characterized by the more chiseled cuts on it’s bowl
and swivel dip across the stem.

Chimney – The Chimney is a straight short pipe with a medium deep bowl on a 90-degree bend.

Churchwarden – This is the long pipe, from 9 to 19 inches these pipes certainly cool the smoke before it reaches your lips. Stem can be straight or slightly bent.

Cutty – With this pipe stem usually sits at a 45-degree bend with a flat and sometimes shallow bowl compartment.

Dublin – The Dublin is just a nice straight forward medium length 90-degree bowl pipe which has decent depth to it.

Egg – The Egg Sherlock is usually a bit shorter but with a pronounced bowl shaped a bit like an egg. These usually have pretty large bowls for packing lots of smokables.

Elephant’s Foot – This pipe is notable for the extended back of bowl to catch extra resin and debris.

Hawkbill – This pipe is characterized by the reverse bend up in the stem which causes a more than 90-degree bend at the bowl.

Horn – The Horn pipe is traditionally shaped up like an old bull horn and have large deep bowls.

Lumberman – The Lumberman pipe is a traditional straight pipe with a nice deep 90-degree bowl.

Nosewarmer – The Nosewarmer is most always quite large with a shorter and fatter
stem causing the bowl to be closer to one’s face while smoking.

Oom Paul – These pipes are characterized by the flat standing bottoms and two bends for cooling smoke.

Ramses – This pipe is know for a long extended base at the bowl for collecting resins and other materials for the burning material.

Check out these examples of some of the best high-end colored glass Sherlock pipes.

All in all, these types of pipes are outside the normal arena for glass pipe design with the exception of the Calabash glass Sherlock pipe which is fairly common and a really nice pipe when done by an artist and not factory made.

If your looking for a great Sherlock glass pipe then find a glassblower who specializes mainly with Sherlocks, hammers, bubblers and similar designs close to the Calabash. This is the type of artist who will render the best possible piece in design, quality, and smokability.

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