Glassblowing History and Modern Trends

Colored glass spoon pipe - Heady

Pickle and Ice-cream pipes? What is the world coming to?

Custom glass pipes and bongs are becoming big art and have been for awhile. If you’re
new to the glass pipe world or just don’t know a lot about it, here are some of the top
art styles and types in the glass pipe industry.

Custom Spoon (Hand) Glass Pipes

Lists are the top pipe types in that category and not in any particular order of first to last. Artistic custom glass spoon pipes are great functional pieces as well. Any artistic custom

pipe is almost certainly made of the tough and heat resistant borosilicate glass. By adding some compounds to the glass and annealing it correctly the pipe becomes a good solid piece.

Top 10 Types

  1. The green pickle glass pipe – Yes, green pickle pipe. These things are awesome.
    Made of strong glass and smoke well.
  2. Banana glass pipe – This pipe is as popular if not more than the green pickle pipe.
    When it comes to funny pipes, this is one.
  3. Ice cream glass pipe – These come in multiple pipe types, from chocolate sundae
    dab rigs to two stacked ice-cream scoop spoon pipes. Great color in these.
  4. Mushroom spoon glass pipe – These pipes have been popular for a long time and
    have been used in bong design for years. Mushroom pipes are a cool looking pipe
    that smokes well. Many mushroom pipes change colors and or glow in the dark.
  5. Skull glass pipe – Skull pipes are another theme which is pretty common. These
    make good glass and are usually custom made with thick glass. I know people who
    have had their skully pipes for years.
  6. Tree Frog glass pipe – These are a bit newer for mass appeal design but became
    popular fast. A frog makes a good subject as their skin is slick and shiny like glass.
  7. Octopus glass pipe – Like the frog pipe the octopus pipe is very popular as well.
    This is usually more of a girly pipe but not always. Sometimes it’s a color changing
    or glow in the dark properties pipe to go with the theme.
  8. Cake pop glass pipe – Again a bit more of a girl’s pipe and very popular. These look
    really close to the real deal. Variety of bright colors.
  9. Cherry glass pipe – These are a popular little pipe too, but sometimes difficult to
    smoke through. Not very good for a daily pipe.
  10. Apple glass pipe – Same as the cherry pipe, these look pretty cool but don’t fit
    well for a daily smoke utensil. Looks cool on the shelf for a collector.

Here are some great examples of custom glass spoon pipe art.


Custom Glass Bongs

Artistic custom bongs are often great functional pieces as well. Though the more complex
the bong and depending on the artist these can be pricey. A medium-high priced bong may be the choice for daily use vs the $8,000 custom octopus bong.

Custom functional glass bong artistry can run into the tens of thousands of dollars real quick. A high-end design by a popular artist can go for over $25,000 USD.

Top 10 Types

  1. Octopus Glass Bong – These are a huge hit. The octopus being of wet and shiny
    skin works perfect for glass. The tentacles form well as molten glass tends to form
    in that way when pulled anyway, making for easier bong build up than some designs.
  2. Alien Glass Bong – As with frogs and octopuses, aliens tend to be perceived as
    having a slick and shiny skin, a good subject for the qualities of glass.
  3. Dragon Glass Bong – Even though some dragon bongs look pretty awesome and
    that they are; the build up can be far more complex than that of more rounded and
    smooth surfaces such as that of alien and octopus. Expect higher pricing as a result.
  4. Mushroom Glass Bong – Mushroom bongs are among the most famous and long
    standing-bong types. It’s a study well-rounded shape that works well for percs too.
  5. Pink Panther Glass Bong – To the sleuth in us all, the Pink Panther bong may not
    be as easy to find as some of the others, but would be worth the purchase if for nothing else than to sit upon the shelf looking down in constant sleuth-hood.
  6. Darth Vader Glass Bong – Vader bongs are not super easy to find in bong shops
    either. For the sale force to be with you, better to shop online.
  7. Gremlin Glass Bong – You can definitely smoke with this after midnight just don’t
    feed it any chicken! Very intricate bong, perhaps better left on the shelf.
  8. Monster Glass Bong – Monster glass bongs are more readily available in glass
    shops. These are usually medium priced bongs depending on the level of detail.
    When shopping for this type of bong watch out for bongs with too much detail
    that would possibly have more internal pressures.
  9. Pineapple Glass Bong – This is another popular bong which may be easier to get
    than a pink panther or gremlin bong but tougher than finding a monster bong. Being the shape they are it makes for a sturdy and solid glass bong.
  10. Skull Glass Bong – Skull bongs are definitely more available in the current age of
    glass bong making than a decade ago. Skulls come in multiple varieties, shapes and
    sizes. These are usually well balanced and sturdy bongs that should be too expensive.

Here are some great examples of modern custom glass bong art.

Custom Glass Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are some of the latest glass bong types to hit the market. Used for concentrates these things hit hard for vaping oils and waxes. The custom dab bong art scene is heating up as well and now dab rigs can be found in glass shops across the country.

Top 6 Types

  1. Green alien glass dab rigs – Alien bongs are a common theme for bongs and the
    same goes for dab rigs. Most of the alien themes I’ve seen have been green, some
    white, some other colors. Alien themed dab rigs come in many shapes and sizes.
  2. Recycler dab rigs – These are a great unit to have as the recycler smooths, cools
    and recyclers the vapor before inhale. Recyclers can also be purchased as separate
    attachments that can then be added to other bongs for use.
  3. Mushroom dab rigs – Mushroom dab rigs like the rest vape concentrates smoothly
    and evenly depending on what kind of nail set up.
  4. Slurpy cup dab rigs – These can be found in many places as they’re pretty popular
    as dab rigs and bongs. Multiple themes and colors are available.
  5. Cup dab rigs – Coffee cup dab rigs became popular fast. Some of these cup rigs
    got popular enough to garner lawsuits for design infringement.
  6. Portable dab rigs – There are several types of these on the market and current
    prevailing opinion says they’ve got a ways to go in development before they’re
    any good. Other people say there are some pretty good portable dab rigs
    available. For more of a total portability check into wax and other concentrate vape
    pens, some of which work remarkably well.

Here are some great examples of custom dab rigs.

Custom Glass Blunts

Glass blunts are becoming more common in local glass shops. Best to get these from a lower who makes them so that the seals and glass are quality so it’s air-tight. Imported glass blunts have a tendency to not work as well.

Top 4 Types

  1. Grav Labs straight multiple colored glass blunts – These are some of the
    best glass blunts on the market. Tight seals and glass fit. Quality glass that lasts
    for many a heavy session.
  2. Octopus glass blunt – These are glass blunts with octopus formed. Work the
    same. Easier to hold with the contours of the glass octopus.
  3. Glow in the dark glass blunt – This usually comes with an octopus that glows
    or possibly a frog.
  4. Twisty glass blunt – These are newer additions to the plain glass blunt. The
    twisty blunt is an inovated addition by making a center shaft that is a corkscrew
    shape that allows you to twist the end one way to pack the blunt with product
    and then conveniently twist it the other way as your smoking to push ash out
    of the end. These blunts get rave reviews.

Here are some great examples of custom glass blunts.


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