Affiliate Marketing for Glass Shops

First off the main benefit of affiliate marketing is that it’s not going to cost you much in the beginning if anything at all. Using the right blogging service and other free services
you can start a good affiliate campaign for no out of pocket cost.

The Pros of Affiliate Marketing

No cost to You

First off the main benefit of affiliate marketing is that it’s not going to cost you much in the beginning if anything at all.

Using the right blogging service and other free services you can start a good affiliate
campaign for no out of pocket cost.

No Inventory!!!

You never have to carry any products. Nothing comes to you that needs to be shipped out. You don’t have any of those worries.

Inventory tracking and space rental and that type of thing is all handled by the business
that your marketing for. You just send traffic to the companies website and they handle
the rest.

Opportunity to work with multiple companies and products

By working in affiliate marketing you end up working with many new companies. This
is a great part of affiliate marketing.

There is constant change and always new opportunities to work with new and reputable businesses.

Ability to create Multiple Income Streams

This is a great function of affiliate marketing. If you know how to create multiple stand-alone blogs, then each of those blogs will be a stream which is continuously

bringing you a few dollars here and a few dollars there, as the internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that’s how your money comes in, at all times.

Once it’s built – it’s built.

Once you have a network built it’ll stay out there on the web in the free form (requiring no money) generating traffic for months and years to come, depending

on speed of industry change and relevancy of your information and some other factors. But once it’s finished it then becomes a passive income stream leaving

you free to build more networks.

No Deadlines

Great benefit but watch out for procrastination! You must create your own internal deadlines. Working for yourself you’ll have a tendency to not complete goals on time

or set any goals at all. This is a mistake. You should make an overall goal map which
includes everything you want to accomplish and general time frames for each item.

Without detailed planning and specific (mini-goal completions) to help guide you to
reaching the larger goals, you won’t get far.

No Boss

Like no deadlines, having no boss is a benefit also as long as this fact is treated accordingly and with caution. Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you get to

slack off. You can if you want but if you hope to get anywhere you’ll need to be your
toughest boss and possibly work harder than you would if you were working for someone

else. The real nice thing about affiliate marketing, if you do it the right way in the beginning then that is the time you will work the hardest. At some point you’ll reach a maintenance phase

where you work maybe three times a week, and you can be less restricted by work time.

The Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Not as quick as you might expect

If you know someone who is making good money with affiliate marketing that’s good. If
not that is ok too. Either way, it may look easy on the one hand or impossibly difficult on

the other hand. It is neither. It’s not easy and it will take you awhile to get something built up to the level it’s making good consistent money. This may get discouraging to work for a long period of time without seeing much return. Maybe 3 to 4 months. Maybe 6 to 8. Shouldn’t take for than 3 to 4 months if your hustling. Still, it is easy to loose hope or interest in this amount of time, especially without clear, identified, and reachable goals.

Takes effort to do right –
and if you’re going to do it at all it should be right

There are ways to build cheap blogs with cheap links that will work for optimization but
you should want to stay away from this type of effort. Creating cheap content just for

the purpose of ranking with search engines ultimately provides for bad content and lack
of content. Remember, (Content is King) and you’ll want to provide the best information

you can write and being in-depth and rigorous with your research. By writing good content others will be more likely to link to your content, compounding your efforts.

Not as stable as a job

At first this is true and may make a person very wary about trying to do this type of work. A good approach is to not quit your day job and do affiliate marketing in your spare time at first. Be careful about how you build up your sites, blogs, and other elements of your network so that they are safe from being blacklisted by search engines. By creating the right content you won’t need to worry about being blacklisted. After you are stable and making money with affiliate marketing though, it will be more stable than an average job.

Long to build up to livable wage (3 to 9 months)

As with the point above, it can take a long time to build up a livable income with affiliate
marketing, so it may be advisable to continue working a regular job until you feel

comfortable enough with affiliate marketing to take a full-time risk with it. Affiliate marketing can be a bit like investing in the stock market, actually less risk if you do it right.

But like building a stock portfolio where you diversify, you can build up your affiliate marketing efforts so that your diversified by working with multiple products with multiple companies.

Headshop Affiliate

Glass Bongs | Sherlock Glass Pipes | Bubblers | Dab Rigs | Other Headshop Gear

Affiliate marketing with headshop gear is pretty similar to normal affiliate marketing. Do
your research about how affiliate marketing works before you start. It’s not too

complicated but there are some definite do’s and don’t that’s you’ll want to follow in order to avoid problems down the line.


1. Do write articles about the products you affiliate for. Write detailed articles with bullet points descriptions and why. Think about the type of article you would want to read for information about something your interested in. Write that article. Top 10 lists, 7 Great places to visit, 10 things to do with your bong, etc.

2. Along with great content, build your links correctly to internal content on the same blog where applicable and to other blogs which may further expand upon a certain subject. Your overall blog network is the book, each blog a chapter, each article an idea within that chapter. Study MOZ linking strategy and elements to build your links. Links are votes. Point most of your important links to your best blog raising it above the rest for better search results.

3. Do your research! Things have changed with SEO. Get up to speed on how to rank with
articles, keyword anchor text links, other optimization routes to more traffic to your site.


1. Don’t copy other articles and material. Rather do your research and write your own material.

2. Don’t think that by sharing a few links to social networks you’ll begin making excellent money. Affiliate work is all about building up content. The more you build, with articles which describe what you’re representing, the more money will begin trickling in. If you get enough trickles going then you’ll begin making good money.

3. Don’t stop writing articles. Write, write, write. Continue putting together articles and other content that people will find informative and worth their time. By writing great content more people will link to that content, bringing you higher in search results.

4. Don’t expect one article a day to do much good, in the beginning. To start off you will get better results by writing at least 2 to 3 articles a day, six or seven days a week for a few months if you can stand it. This way you’ll create a lot of good solid, link-worthy writing, early on and will get ranked and see better results much quicker. It is not easy to dedicate to this regimen but does work well.

Cannabis Schools Affiliate

Online cannabis schools and colleges are a good place to start if your thinking about getting into any kind of affiliate work or other cannabis related work. Most of these

schools have a great knowledge base that would take a person years to put together on his own. Most of these schools are priced courses than are not so high they kill your pocketbook.

Glass Pipes, Water Bongs Affiliates

Glass pipes and water bongs are a great product to get into for affiliate work. People will
always need these items and shopping online for these items is better than it’s ever been.

You can now find a better selection of pipes and bongs online than anywhere else. Ordering then has never been easier and there are some great online companies putting

out excellent products with decent shipping costs and some with free shipping, which is a major benefit. The sales of these items will continue to increase dramatically in the

near future as the market accelerates due to political, economical, social norms and other factors changing rapidly.

Learn more about Glass Pipe and Water Bong Affiliate Marketing


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