The Psychology of Color –

Psychology of Color

When it comes to the psychology and so-called meaning behind colors there are two main schools of thought: There is meaning; there isn’t meaning. Perhaps there isn’t much meaning if any at all but when market trends are studied in accordance with certain colors, color combinations and other attributes associated with the use of color or the lack of it’s use general conclusions about the overall tenor of colors can be drawn.

BLUE – Intelligence | Calming | Communication | Trust | Reflection | Synergistic –  Blue is the color of the mind and it tends to affect us mentally vs red which affects us physically. Soft blues aid in concentration and tend to calm the mind vs strong blues which stimulate thinking.

RED Strength | Stimulation | Love | Energy | Survival | Defiance | Power  – Red appears to be nearer because it is the longest wavelength. Red symbolizes power and movement which can stimulate the fight or flight mechanism. Red is also the symbol of heat intensity and love and is associated powerful energy whether it be good or bad.

ORANGE – Comfort | Warmth | Shelter | Food | Abundance | Relaxation – Being a combination of red and yellow, orange is a symbol of renewed connections and renewed faith. It brings in a new day as well as puts it to sleep.

YELLOW – Optimism | Self-esteem | Creativity | Renewal | Warmth | Connection – Yellow brings the sun of day and growth of new opportunities. Yellow stimulates the appetite and a renewed vigor for discovery.

GREEN – Balance | Refreshment | Restoration | Peace | Rest | Harmony – Being in the middle of the light spectrum, green causes no adjustment for the eye and is restful. It symbolizes growth and plentifulness in nature. Where there is green, there is water; where there is water, there is life.

VIOLET – Spiritual Awareness | Vision | Luxury | Authenticity | Truth | Quality – Violet, also known as purple, is the shortest wavelength. Violet encourages meditation and deep thoughtfulness.

PINK – Nurture | Warmth | Physical Tranquility | Sensuality | Love – Being a shade of red, it affects us physically as well but it soothes instead of invigorates. Pink is the only color which has it’s own name, all the rest are light or dark.

BROWN – Earthiness | Reliability | Nature | Seriousness | Warmth – Brown is serious like black but softer and with tones of thoughtfulness, being the combination of yellow, red and black.

GREY – Hibernation | Neutrality | Patience | Reserve | Indifference – Grey is a psychologically neutral color. It is good for framing other colors and for highlighting brighter colors. Grey can also be withdrawn and depressive, void of all color.

WHITE – Clarity | Sterility | Hygiene | Purity | Cleanness | Simplicity – White is the color of purity and can be used to offset and frame other colors. White is associated with freshness and renewal. White is all the colors reflected and strikes the eye with force.

BLACK – Security | Saftey | Substance | Sophistication | Glamour | Menace – Black is all colors absorbed. Being the opposite of white it is also at polar extremes psychologically as well. Whereas white gives levity and formlessness, black gives weight and seriousness. Black works well with many other colors for combinations and brings depth into the light.

Primary Colored Glass Pipes

Red Glass Pipes

Solid red glass pipes may be as popular or slightly more than yellow, which is to say, not super popular as far as a plain solid red pipe. In themes such as a red skull pipe, red alien pipe red rose pipe or a red and black Harley Quinn glass pipe, you’d find solid reds. Other glass art pipes may use red more selectively in the overall mix of colors.

More about red glass pipes.

Blue Glass Pipes

Solid blue pipes on the other hand, are far more prevalent and you will see these around in many places as well as with other colors mixed in the patterns of the glass formation. In themed pipes, you’ll find blue whale pipes, space and galaxy glass pipes, and other common blue themes.

More about blue glass pipes.

Yellow Glass Pipes

Solid yellow pipes don’t turn out that well aesthetically so you won’t see too many around but the ones you will see may be themed, banana pipe, Jake the Dog pipe, sunflower pipe, and other similar types.

More about yellow glass pipes.


Non-Standard Colored Glass Pipes

Orange Glass Pipes

The types of solid orange pipes you’d be likely to find would include carrot pipes, Garfield the Cat pipes, orange eye pipes, orange fish, and orange elephant glass pipes.

More about orange glass pipes.

Pink Glass Pipes

Among the types of pink pipes you can find pink elephant pipes, Pink Panther pipes, pink bomber pipes, pink rose pipes, neon pink pipes, pink octopus pipes and more.

More about pink glass pipes.

Black Glass Pipes

Most popular among black glass pipe are black skull pipes, black rose pipes, Batman pipes 8-ball pipes, black alien pipes, black octopus pipes plus many other types of pipes that have large sections of black or black highlights and patterns.

More about black glass pipes.

Clear Glass Pipes

Clear glass pipes are really common if not the most common type of pipe. Clear glass has an especially slick and clean look to it for bongs as well as hand pipes. All types of shape designs can be found with using just clear glass and no patterns. Another clean look is clear glass with electroplated copper overlays and inlays.

More about clear glass pipes.

White Glass Pipes

Like clear glass pipes, white glass pipes can have an especially clean or minimalistic look to their appearance. Types of white glass pipes you might find are white rose pipes, white octopus and owl pipes, white elephant, whitefish, and white cloud glass pipes.

More about white glass pipes.

Rasta Colored Glass Pipes

The color combination of the Rasta contains two primary colors and one secondary. It is an offset split-complimentary. The psychological depth contained in this combination of colors:


Split complimentary Rasta color chart

  •  The red side represents it’s strength, love, heat and the fire of the soul. Red is in direct contrast to green and is it’s complimentary, it’s opposite. Red gives strength to the green and yellow which are otherwise analogous colors by themselves.
    Red is the power to the more docile green and yellow. Red brings fire to the green.
  • Green brings harmony, balance, peace rest, renewal and other growth and synergistic qualities. Green quiets red and tempers it’s heat. Green represents the herb which in itself holds all the qualities green suggests.
  • Between the high contrast of the red and green, yellow is a pause for thought. Yellow forms with red as the sun over the green.

More about Rasta colored glass pipes.

Color Harmonies

Complementary colors are pairs of colors which, when combined, cancel each other out. This means that when combined, they produce a grey-scale color like white or black. Due to this striking color clash, the term opposite colors is often considered more appropriate than (complementary colors). Next to each other, they create the strongest contrast for those particular colors.

Color harmonies graph.

General Ingredients for Making Colored Glass

White Bottle Glass         Parts   Color grades and shades chart
Sand (white)     ( 64)
Lime                     ( 6)
Sodium Carbonate     ( 23)
Sodium Nitrate       (5)
(The sodium nitrate acts as a decolorizer)

Violet Glass
Sand           (50)
Soda Ash        ( 15)
Saltpeter     ( 2)
Chalk       (5)
Pyrolusite    (10)
Ferric Oxide   (2)
Quartz Sand    (110)
Minium    (110)
Soda Ash     ( 33)

Green Glass
Lime    (11)
Sand      (63)
Sodium Carbonate    (26)

Blue Glass
White sand    (10)
Potassium Carbonate  ( 3.5)
Borax   (1)
Red Lead  (15)
Cobalt (ic) Oxide (0.4)

Red Glass
Sand   (100)
Red Lead      (200)
Copper oxide   ( 6)
Stannic Oxide      ( 6)

Green Glass
Sand   (50)
Soda Ash    (15)
Calcium Carbonate    (5)
Saltpeter   (1)
Ferric Oxide   (5 to 10)
Copper (ic) Oxide   (3 to 10)

Yellow Glass
Sand       (65)
Soda ash    (25)
Chalk    (3)
Wood Charcoal  (1)


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