Glass Artist of the Month: Saki Bomb

Glass Artist of the Month: Saki Bomb


Full Article from High Times Online Magazine

Saki Bomb may be the only Japanese female pipe maker in the world! Hailing from the countryside of Japan, Saki Bomb discovered pipe-making in 2006 in Southern California, five years after arriving in the States. She was introduced to glass pipes by experiencing simple, everyday life in Southern California. She always loved to smoke and attributes her affinity for cannabis for motivating her to become a glassblowing artist in the first place.

She was fortunate to meet some of the industry’s top glassblowers. They mentored her and she rapidly picked up techniques and developed her skills. As Saki Bomb became involved with pipe-making, she looked around and realized that there was a distinct lack of female presence on the scene. She purposely focused her work on a more feminine style that would appeal more to the female smoker.


Saki Bomb’s work always ignites lively discussion. Her ability to convey a whimsical emotion through glass pipes appeals to every demographic. Though she refrains from calling herself an “artist,” her pieces possess a consistently clever narrative to them.

The glass industry also allows Saki Bomb to work with friends. She especially enjoys creating functional objects that not only appeal to her, but can also be used. She admits, “The best thing about being a pipe maker is that I can replace and fix my pieces.”

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