Carsten Carlile “Starry Night” Skeletal Rib Cage Rig with Marbles

An instant stunner from glass artist Carsten Carlile

Tthis rig is blown in one of his custom colors, displaying a beautiful blend of turquoise, teal, violets, and greens that shimmer in the light! Did we mention it’s also in the shape of a skeletal torso? Complete with a green ribcage, and not one, but FIVE implosion-style floral glass marbles around the rig! It ships with a domeless Santa Cruz Shredder titanium nail!


Carsten Carlile got his start in glass blowing while working his way through college in a local glass shop as the cleaning guy in Eugene, Oregon late in 1995. Shortly after starting this job Carsten found his love for the torch and began blowing glass. Shortly after Carsten quit school to begin blowing glass full-time. In the years to follow Carsten began studying under the best artists and honing his skills with the torch. Through Carsten�s work you will see amazing talent that lies within this man. His pieces are inspired by nature, the human skeleton, creatures, figurines and Volkswagen vehicles. The amazing Volkswagen Bus and Bug he made are some of the most intricate and astonishing functional pieces of glass ever made. Carsten Carlile currently has a gallery in San Jose, California, the �Carlile Glass Gallery�, where you can see a ton of his work on display and for sale. He currently resides in Bend, Oregon, and this is where his workshop is and where he produces most of artwork.


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