Are You the Black Sheep?

Matt Robertson at


Hi, my name is Matt.

I try and make stuff that is a little different from everything else out there, that POPS when you see it on a shelf. Every piece is signed and inspected for quality assurance before it goes out. I love what I do and in turn I put a little of that love into each and every piece I make. After the wood rots and the metal rusts, the glass will still shine!

Watch out for me! Go shop.

Matt Robertson… the man behind meGLASSworks

It was early in life when Matt Robertson knew he was meant to be an artist. He spent many years working in different mediums before discovering glass blowing while attending SheridanCollege in Oakville, Ontario in 2003. Matt completed Sheridan’s Craft and Design Glass program where he learned techniques in both soft (soda lime) and hard glass (borosilicate) from established international artists. Matt has been living and breathing glass ever since.

After graduating from Sheridan College Matt moved to Eugene, Oregon which is renowned as a mecca for glassblowers. It was in Eugene where Matt began developing meGLASS. He worked at Dichroic Glass Alcalmy and soon moved to working out of cooperatives including Cornerstone and Freeman Studios. Matt spent his time traveling up and down the West coast working out of several studios and collaborating with a variety of glass artists.

In early 2009 Matt took that experience and resettled in Canada where he has become a part of a movement in both Contemporary Art and the Cannabis Culture. Matt continues his journey creating, teaching and promoting pipe-making in his community. He has honed his skills as a professional well-rounded glass artist while energetically promoting glass as a contemporary art form.

From 2009-2012, Matt was a resident artist and teacher at the Living Arts Centre working with soft glass while continuing to work with boroscilica daily in his personal studio. Matt’s work is represented in ArtGalleries and smoke shops across North America. In 2011 Matt opened the Edy Roy Glass Gallery and Studio, in Burlington, Ontario, where he creates, teaches and showcases both functional and non-functional glass art.

Never doubting himself, Matt Robertson has always worked and lived on his terms taking a unique path to success as a professional artist. Matt is proof that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. He wakes up every morning with the drive and passion to continue creating and evolving which he plans to do for the rest of his life.




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